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Invisible Vertical Tow Bars

State of the art, slim, sleek, discreet and sophisticated.

OUR Invisible automatic vertical detachable tow bar system, is the best on the market.

After detaching the tow ball, the system is completely invisible. The handling is comfortable and easy, and the aesthetic design of the vehicle remains intact vertical detachable towbar system that becomes invisible after removal.

  Aesthetic Design:

Car manufacturers invest heavily in the design of their cars.

A fixed towbar might upsets the balance and symmetry of the car’s original design. Our detachable towbars are the answer because they can easily be removed when not needed, leaving the line of the car as the designer intended.

  Quick & Easy to use

The most convenient tow bar system: invisible when not in use, yet ready for use whenever needed.

Fit or remove the towball in seconds without tools and with the minimum of effort storing it in the bag provided.  Audible click and visual indicators.

blue tiles icon Strong, robust & safe
Fully EC (European and UK attestation) tested and approved.  Inbuilt positive locking mechanism and all parts are easily cleaned preventing the potentially dangerous build up of dirt.
blue tiles icon Stylish
When the swan neck style towball is removed, the tow bar becomes completely invisible so the lines of your car are not spoiled.

blue tiles icon Safe and clean
Once removed, there is no towball to soil clothes or damage shins! Protected by lock & key
blue tiles icon Easy to Fit
The Invisible vertical towbar kit is easily fitted.  Designed and installed according to mounting points marked by your car manufacter - OEM Quality - no welding, drilling or changes to your car chassis. Our tow bars are a "Perfect Fit" 

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