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Ball mounts (US Style)

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      All our Tongue Ball Mounts come with a fully certified chrome ball

      Recommended for those who already have a tow bar receiver installed: on/under their bumpers. Typical of US car brands and automobiles made for the domestic American market.

      blue tiles icon 4 sizes available
      Depending on the height of your vehicle, the type of trailer you will be using and what you are actually going to tow

      blue tiles icon Highest quality
      Fully European & UK Certified.
      All are OEM Quality.
      blue tiles icon Extra strong and reliable
      Will withstand the desert heat - looking the same for years to come.
      Do not settle for cheap imitations. Stay safe. Our mounts and tow balls are OEM quality.
      Certified tested to pull 3.5t

      blue tiles icon Will fit:

      All 2" x 2"(5cm x 5cm) recievers.