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Small Sedans can also safely tow

SUVs and trucks might get all the attention when it comes to towing capability, but there are quite a few sedans, hatchbacks and wagons that also have the goods to haul some fairly heavy loads. While their tow ratings aren't as impressive as those of, say, a full-size SUV, these choices are certainly robust enough to haul a small boat for a weekend, ATV/Quad bike or horse trailer.

Many drivers assume that if you want to tow something, you need a huge SUV with a V-8 engine. That may be true if you're transporting a trailer full of race cars, but many smaller vehicles are perfectly adequate for moving light to medium loads.

Vehicles in nearly every class come from the factory with tow ratings: minivans, compact crossovers, full-size sedans, and even luxury SUVs.

Automakers have bestowed tow ratings on most vehicles.  Check your owner’s manual!

SUV owners may laugh at the notion of 500 to 1200 kg tow ratings. While low, those ratings mean small cars like the Toyota Yaris (designed to tow 1200kgs)  could easily pull a small utility trailer, a single jet ski, ATV/Quad bike or a small boat.

Most sedans offer a decent tow rating of up to 3.5 tonnes, more than enough for a recreational speed boat.




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