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Register a Boat in Dubai - How to...

If you own a private yacht or boat in Dubai it is mandatory that the boat is registered with the NTA and the Coastguard. Subsequently, if you are planning on buying or selling a boat in Dubai then you’ll need to know the process to get this done, or enlist the help of somebody who does.  As many UAE-expats will tell you, processes and procedures in the region can become lengthy and complicated – and boat registration is no exception. To give you a helping hand we thought we’d give you a step by step guide to ease the pain… 

Documents Required
We strongly advise you get the following documents in order before you start the registration process. It is important you take all of the originals with you, and we suggest making 4 copies of each document too – just to be on the safe side. Sorry to all of the trees that might be harmed as a result of the making of this article.
• Passport of buyer and seller
• Residence visa of buyer and seller
If you’re not a UAE resident then unfortunately you won’t be able to own a boat here, unless you have somebody who’ll register it on your behalf. Keep in mind that the person the boat is registered too will legally own the boat, so make sure it’s somebody you can trust.
• Emirates ID of buyer and seller
• Existing boat registration card
Note that if the existing card is out of date, AED 500 will be required to issue a new card before it can be cancelled. Additionally, a fine of AED 50 per month will be imposed for every month past the expiry date. Ouch!
• NOC from the buyer’s sponsor
• AED 200 from the seller
• AED 7000 from the buyer (this is a refundable deposit for the new transponder)
• AED 520 cash from the buyer
Once you have all of these documents together and the cash in hand, it’s time to start…
The Process
Please note that if you plan to complete the full process within a day you need to get to the Coast Guard for 8am to avoid disappointment.
1. Visit the Coast Guard in Bur Dubai on top of the Shindagha Tunnel and request two blank payment slips for ADCB Bank – explain that they are for making the boat registration deposits.
2. Visit at any ADCB branch (the nearest is located on Bank Street, near the Four Points Sheraton Hotel) and deposit the two individual payments slips with the cashier – AED 200 from the seller and AED 7000 from the buyer, making sure you get the payment copies.
3. Take your boat, all of the documents mentioned above and the payment receipts from ADCB to the Coast Guard and request the following:
a. Cancellation document
b. Bill of sale document
c. Existing transponder removal
4. Once all of the documents from the Coast Guard are in place you need to visit the National Transport Authority (NTA), located in Deira close to the City Centre Mall and Dnata, behind the Nissan showroom.
If you plan to visit the NTA on the same day, you can leave your boat at the Coast Guard dock, otherwise you can take the boat back to its berth and return another day once you have visited the NTA.
5. Upon arrival at the NTA, go to the third floor and take a ticket from the machine. Explain to Reception that you are transferring the ownership of a boat and they will direct you to the right people.
6. Once you are with the correct department, hand over all of your documents so the details entered into their system. While this is being done, ask for a payment card which you can take to the payment machine in the same office.
7. At the payment machine you will need to pay the AED 520 plus any outstanding fines that may be against the boat.
8. Once everything has been entered into the system and the payments made, you will be issued with the ownership transfer papers to be submitted to the Coast Guard. Make copies of these papers too. Sorry again to the trees.
9. Return to the Coast Guard with the paperwork from the NTA along with you other documents (this is why you need 4 copies) and ask for a new transponder to be fitted. You will need to present the AED 7000 deposit payment receipt as proof of payment for the new transponder.
10. The Coast Guard will check you have all the mandatory safety equipment on board – so be safe, or be sorry!
11. Once the new transponder is fitted and everything has been checked and approved by the Coast Guard, you will be issued with another set of documents which you then need to take back to the NTA.
12. Before heading back to the NTA, register your details and email address online here, making a note of the reference number.
13. Visit the NTA (for the penultimate time!) and submit all of your documents, your email address and your online reference number.
14. You’re nearly there! Now all you need to do is wait for an email or SMS confirmation that your registration is complete and the card is ready to be collected. This can take anywhere from 4 hours up to 3 days, so be patient.
15. Once your card is ready to collect, pick it up from the NTA. Hurrah, the boat is registered!
So there you have it, that’s how boat registration in Dubai works. Sound daunting? Don’t worry, give Bush & Noble a call (04 451 8750) and they can arrange to have the process taken care of on your behalf.
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